Are YOU ready for Battlefield 3?

Unless you’ve been living under rock for the past 8-12 months, you’ve heard the news that Battlefield 3 is coming.  In just a few short hours Battlefield 3 will be released to online soldiers everywhere who are waiting to answer the call of battle.  This game is set to raise the bar for the multiplayer FPS experience. Complete with 64-player carnage, dozens of weapons, huge maps and…JETPLANES!  It’s it good thing we’ve all reserved a copy.

Whats that? Didn’t reserve a copy you say? Are you mad?

It’s time to your arse in gear and follow this handy guide to:


Unfortunately due to your lack to attention to your gaming calendar.  You’ve forgotten that tomorrow, October 25 2011, is the release date for Battlefield 3! Not only are you going to miss out on playing this huge game, but for the next 24 hours your friends will be nonstop talking about how awesome it was when Jimmy blew up those 2 tanks while parachuting down from the sky. You don’t want that, we don’t want that.

So, now you have 3 option’s… each could land you a precious copy of Battlefield 3. That’s the good news. Unfortunately the bad news is our team of highly trained experts cannot decipher which of these options is the best course of action. Your going to have to decide that for yourself.

Option 1. Sleep outside your local electronics store.

This option will require the utmost determination on your part. In order to obtain a copy of Battlefield without a pre-order, you’ll have to make sure your one of the select few who manage to secure one of those precious, unreserved copies of the game. You’re going out there, into the brave unknown, equipped with only your lawn chair, your psp, and your hot pockets.  With any luck, you’ll survive until morning, and walk out victorious with your own copy of BF3. Not sure if you’re up for it? Think of it as “field training”.


  • Guaranteed copy (or death)
  • Totally cool war story


  • Chance of being mugged
  • Possibility of death by bear attack
  • Sleep Deprivation (due to fear of bear attack)

Option 2. Convince your local GameStop manager to commit fraud.

Now, I’m not very familiar on GameStop’s pre-order policy, but I’m fairly certain that they do not allow you to pre-order a game just hours before a release date. It’s due to these unfortunate circumstances of events that you’ve been left with only one viable option. To use your skills of persuasion to convince your local game-stop manager to relinquish someone’s pre-order so that you might reserve a copy. We leave these persuasion tactics up to you, but might we suggest the classics. Bribery, blackmail, and seduction are all tried and tested techniques. However, be warned, if you cannot succeed using any the following you may have to use… unnecessary force.


  • Slight possibility of securing a copy of the game.


  • This option may not be viable to those with a consience…or common sense.
  • Jail time
  • Loss of respect from everyone around you

3. Pre-order your copy on Origin’

Now I know that this last idea sounds crazy but I insist you hear me out. Believe it or not, you can actually visit (EA’s new and improved online store) and pre-order Battlefield 3 right now. Not only that, but pre-ordering from Origin automatically lands you a limited edition of the game. This gives you access to a bunch of exclusive goodies and content.  You can also start downloading the game as soon you as you finish your order. This means no pesky wait time for an installation when the game is actually released.  This is considered the least “exciting” of all of the great options available to you.  So adventurers may want revisit options 1 and 2. (Please note that the word “exciting” is often interchangeable with “idiotic” or “bordering on insanity” in this article.)


  • 100% guarantee of obtaining a copy
  • Bonus content
  • Download early and play at release


Well there you have it, three foolproof plans that can guarantee you a chance at obtaining a copy of this game. But, seriously if you haven’t pre-ordered a copy and need to, head on over to and grab your copy now.  Oh and make sure to check out our Review headed this way in just a few days.

We’ll be playing BF3 all day tommorow so if your interested in playing with myself and the rest of The Gaming Bible team you can send me a tell at my Origin Username!: ChintersWill

Good luck and happy hunting.

Please note that this  guide applies to PC gamers only, if you’re getting Battlefield 3 on consoles only options 1 and 2 are viable. (sorry guys)

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