Top 5 Most Anticipated Games of 2011

2011 is a big year for gaming, the sheer number of AAA titles being released in the coming months is mind-blowing. It’s sure to dig a hole in all of our pockets. Gaming Bible editors Sean Sayers and Ryan Cross sat down and discussed what they think are the Top 5 most anticipated titles that will arrive this year. Keep in mind, they are well aware that there are many more fantastic looking titles to be released this year that didn’t make this list.  This list here is simply the ones that we are the most excited for.

So, without further ado, we present The Gaming Bibles Top 5 Most Anticipated Games! (of 2011)

5. Dark Souls

Ryan:  A couple years back, I walked into my local gamestop with a tough choice to make. In one hand I held Demon Soul’s and in the other, Killzone 2. At that time I was having a hard time finding a deep, fun RPG I could lose myself in. Demon’s Souls fit my status quo, but in truth I was extremely wary. Wary because I had heard whispers of the games ruthless difficulty. Was I willing to sacrifice 60$ for a game that might bring more frustration than enjoyment?  In the end I walked out with Demon Soul’s, and I’m glad I did. Because as I played Demon’s Souls, I discovered a part of me I never knew I had. A desire for a challenge. Sure the game was difficult, but nothing measured up to the sense of accomplishment I felt after a particularly hard boss fight. Demon’s souls might be renowned for its difficulty but that’s not all it had going for it. The game was filled with epic boss battles, brutal level design and some truly epic lootz.  Not to mention intuitive multiplayer design and a deep crafting system. Now, Dark Souls, the games spiritual successor, is just a little over a mere month away? And it promises all of that and more?

Three words: Sign. Me. Up.

Oh, and did I mention the game is harder than Demon’s Souls?

4. The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword

Sean:  The Wii has had several of Nintendo’s Iconic characters receive official exclusives on the Wii. Mario, Kirby, and Samus have all had their chance to shine in the spotlight with quality titles on the platform. But the Wii is now on its last leg with the Wii U around the corner, and Link, one of the most well-known characters in all of gaming, has still not had his face in the spotlight with an exclusive title. (Unless you count Links Crossbow Training…) Skyward Sword is set to come out November 20th of this year, yet very little info has been revealed about the game. From the looks of recent trailers, it seems very likely that in Skyward Sword, you will be able to navigate and explore through the sky similar to  how in Wind Waker you could traverse the sea. More importantly, it’s going to be one of the very few Wii titles that makes use of Motion Plus controls. If Nintendo does it right, swinging and waggling your Wii mote may actually feel like swinging a deadly weapon, providing for some incredibly immersive and fun sword play.

Even if you disregard all of that, this is still a Legend of Zelda title, and Nintendo has yet to leave me disappointed with this series.

3. Rage

Sean: ID software is known for being the grand daddy of all things FPS, having jump-started the genre in 1992 with the creation of Wolfenstein 3D, and then refining the genre even further a year later with the release of Doom. ID has made very few attempts to bring their expertise with shooters into the modern generation of games, having last tried in 2009 with the somewhat disappointing release of Wolfenstein. Rage is ID’s attempt to restore the chaotic mayhem they were once known for into the genre, set in a harsh post apocalyptic world filled with blood thirsty mutants, warring factions, and a cast of unpredictable characters.  The shooting mechanics in Rage look sublime, with a unique collection of weapons and gadgets which are all fully customizable with several different types of ammo and attachments. We’re not just excited for Rage for its guns though, it also boasts a surprising amount of open-ended game play including RPG like elements like side quests, and an inventory screen as well as a Twisted Metal like vehicular multiplayer death match mode.

Rage could end up being ID’s first major breakthrough FPS title since Quake 3.

2. Battlefield 3

Sean: What can I say, I’ve been through a lot with the Battlefield franchise. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve stormed the beaches of Normandy, traversed through the vast jungles of Vietnam, or fought street by street to take the battered city of Karkand. The most recent entries in the series, the Bad Company games, sacrificed the large scale battles the series is known for in order to focus on a graphics engine with a large attention to detail, tighter shooting mechanics, and the ability to render complete destruction of the environment.  It’s funny to think that there hasn’t been a proper Battlefield game in almost six years. Yet with features like, the return of  jets, a massive arsenal of 55+ weapons, and the possibility of  completely decimating  the environment, it would seem Battlefield 3 is combining the best of traditional Battlefield games with the perks of the Bad Company series to make for one incredible monster of a war game. It also helps that Battlefield 3 boasts a massive arsenal of over 55 customizable weapons, stunningly realistic animations, and not to mention PC exclusive 64 player carnage.

It looks like the king of large-scale shooters is finally ready to reclaim his throne.

1. Skyrim:

Ryan: If you haven’t heard of Bethesda’s latest fantasy RPG by now you’re either A. Living under a rock or B. well.. there is no B but you get the point. Skyrim is set to blow us all away once november rolls around. It’s a series I hold dear to my heart because no one does RPGs quite like Bethesda. The sheer size and scope of Oblivion and Morrowind are impressive even now, and Skyrim is going to be the biggest of them all.  With a massive world to explore, hundreds of quests to complete, over 150 dungeons to conquer and Dragons to slay, come 11.11.11 gamers will be locked in their rooms playing what may go down in history as one of the greatest RPGs, ever.

Step aside real life, I’ve got a world to save.


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